Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions


Our proprietary in-house developed "Business Framework" helps clients to achieve shorter development lifecycles and to lower costs of ownership by providing best-of-class scalable true Enterprise Solutions. By being able to "visually model" the requirements and definitions, the framework can quickly be turned in to a full fledged Enterprise solution with a cutting edge technology.

This unique approach brings with it a lot of benefits that include Shorter Development Lifecycle.

Code structured in a definite format thus reducing time required to support the application and overall reduction in support costs.

A Service Oriented Architecture allows for seamless integration of both internal and external software required by any organization.

Next generation Web 2.0 Technology with seamless future upgrades and scalability without impact to Business processes.

Enterprise solutions are software applications that allow people to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. At Varna technologies we excel in a variety of enterprise solutions custom made for our clients. OnTime Enterprise Application Suite is such web based product suite from our stable.

Hospital management System
Educational Management System
Dairy management system
Medical Billing.

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