Offshore Development Centre

Offshore Development Centre

OffShore Development Center

Enterprises today seek flexibility, efficiency, and round-the-clock performance from their technology partners. Towards this end, Camirine offers a highly customized offshore engagement model for our clients:

Virtual teams:

in this model, the client owns the team's projects and processes, and we enable complete hiring and payroll. The client has complete control over the team and it is dedicated to the client, flexible enough to be ramped up or down based on their business requirements.

Project services:

in this model, Camirine takes on the full project and executes it using our team of professionals in our global delivery center. The client receives a dedicated development and management onsite in the U.S, and a blended team to deliver the solution. We also offer post-launch support.

Our teams can offer full product development, Quality Assurance and testing, legacy application maintenance and migration, and help desk support.