Software Migration

Software Migration

Software Migration

Technology is changing every day. So, there is a constant need to innovate and integrate a lot of these Emerging technologies in order to maintain a competitive edge. This need is counter-balanced by the Investment companies have already made into existing applications.Camirine Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd.’s software identifies this need for change and will proactively help You to upgrade your technology in order to benefit your business by optimizing the right mix of existing () Vs. new technology (Migration, Enhancements).

Camirine Software Migration or Enhancements

At some point, many enterprises figure that they should migrate their applications to remain competitive. Reasons include lack of skills in legacy technology and applications, waning in relevance of old application Platforms and prohibitively high license fees. To help such companies lower the cost of migrating or enhancing their applications, we provide services for:

  • Integration and enhancement of legacy systems with new Internet-driven technologies
  • Migration of systems to new architectures, languages, databases and web-based environments
  • Migrating a legacy or existing application to a new operating environment
  • Testing and qualifying products on various platforms and versions
  • Re-enabling, re-hosting, and re-engineering